News Anchor for March 24, 2015


Starbucks “Race Together” Campaign

Starbucks baristas will discuss racism with customers for the #racetogether Campaign. Starbucks baristas across the country have started writing “Race Together” on cups. The new campaign aims to talk about race instead of ignoring it.

2,000 geese fall dead “out of the sky” in Idaho

2,000 migrating snow geese died in eastern Idaho last week, likely from a disease, avian cholera, which comes on quickly and can kill mid-flight, wildlife officials said, because it can cause convulsions and erratic flight. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said staff and volunteers collected the dead birds over the past several days at wildlife management areas. Health experts say humans are not at a high risk of infection from the bacteria that causes avian cholera, and it’s unclear where the birds picked up the bacteria.

Penn State fraternity Kappa Delta Rho suspended

Pennsylvania State University’s chapter of Kappa Delta Rho was suspended after a former member reported a private Facebook page that allegedly contained nude photos of women, some who appeared to be asleep or unconscious. The page also allegedly contained images of hazing activity and drug use. The members of the fraternity could face criminal charges, authorities said, although no arrests were made as the profiles on the page were erased. An affidavit said the page had 144 active members and that the compromising photos of the women were taken without their consent. Penn State President Eric Barron said the school and police are working to determine the total number of offenders and victims and will hold the responsible parties accountable. The suspension stands while the investigation continues.

Germans turn violent during anti-austerity protests

German protesters turned violent in Frankfurt last week during the inauguration ceremony for the European Central Bank’s new headquarters. Protestors hit officials with stones, three of their vehicles were turned over and set ablaze and bridges were blocked. The government deployed thousands of riot officers to the protest, and 88 of them were injured. Activists who engaged in the violence are upset with ECB’s efforts to keep the Eurozone financially stable.

Publix to buy property across Florida

Publix Super Markets is in the process of buying Southwest Florida shopping centers. The state’s largest grocery-store chain has increased its buys over the past year and is looking to do more — it set aside $1.3 billion this year to buy more centers, build new stores and remodel others.


Transgender bathroom bill passes in second Florida House committee

The transgender bathroom bill, which would ban transgender Floridians from using single sex bathrooms that don’t match their birth sex, passed in the second Florida house committee on March 17. If the bill becomes law, transgender people who break the law by using the ‘wrong’ bathroom could face jail time and a steep fine.


South Florida teacher suspended over Taliban comments to student

A South Florida high school teacher was suspended without pay for a week for calling a Muslim student a “raghead Taliban.” The Broward School Board approved the suspension against Cypress Bay High School teacher Maria Valdes, and she must also attend diversity training. The 14-year-old boy’s father, Youssef Wardani, wanted Valdes either fired or suspended for a year. He said his son was bullied by the 64-year-old French teacher’s comments and accused school officials of not acting quickly enough.