NSU Raises the Bar

NSU’s Shepard Broad Law Center ranked third in the state according to the results of the bar passage rate among Florida law schools last year. The school also ranked first out of all the law schools in South Florida.

The bar exam is a government-issued test that law students must pass before they can practice law in their state.

Law students may also take multi-state exams to practice law in more than one state. The exam consists of three parts, two that test the students on their general knowledge of the law and one that tests their professional responsibility.

Passing the exam is not a requirement for graduation, but it is needed in order to practice law.

Linda Harrison, associate dean of the critical skills program and associate professor of law at NSU, said that the university surpassed 11 other schools in Florida.

Harrison believes this achievement will positively affect NSU’s future.

“Students will want to make sure they can pass the bar at the end of their graduate education.

NSU’s ranking will make future students feel like their education will be worth it, accomplishing the ultimate goal at the end,” she said.

Athornia Steele, professor of law and dean of NSU’s law school, said, “Preparing for the bar exam starts the first day you walk into law school. It’s about learning what it is that we do, staying on top of your course work, and seeking assistance from faculty when you’re having problems, doubts about the material or general concerns.”

Many students and alumni were proud to hear the news of their school’s achievement and believe that NSU has the potential to continue its success.

Sahily Picon, a recent graduate of NSU’s law school who works for Sheldon J. Schlesinger, P.A., said, “NSU is raising the standards and being known as the top South Florida law school is amazing. NSU has the resources to stay at the top and climb the ladder to the top [in the country].”

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