South Florida Theaters that Get Two Fins Up

Movies enthrall us. Don’t believe me? Ask just about anyone who’s seen Inception. People love movies. There’s nothing like sitting down next to your friends with some Sour Patch Kids and a Tub’O Popcorn to see a movie that you have been waiting months to see.

There are several things that can ruin that experience. Having your seat kicked by a 5-year-old is one. Not being able to hear the movie over the cell phone conversation behind you is another. Paying $15 for a ticket doesn’t help either. But, despite all of these potential setbacks and the accessibility of downloading movies from the internet, people still want to go to the movies. Here’s a list of theaters that’ll make a trip to the movies go from “eh” to “ahhhh”.

If you want the works then Regal Sawgrass 23, Cinemark Paradise 24, and AMC Aventura 24 are the places to check out. These theaters are the closest to campus that offer all of the perks of a night out at the movies —valet parking, great picture and audio quality, numerous concession stands, more than 20 theaters, and more.  But beware, on a weekend you’ll be greeted by enormous lines, high ticket prices, a mad rush for seats, and more hassle than any sane human being would ever want to deal with.

One of the best options around to avoid the crowd is located in Pembroke Pines. Regal Westfork Plaza 13 offers less theaters but also fewer crowds —even on opening weekend. It is also very clean and quite comfortable. For the cinema buff seeking independent films and movies that are not widely released there is the very quaint and intimate Sunrise Cinemas Gateway.

One of the most unique cinemas in South Florida is Ft. Lauderdale’s Cinema Paradiso. This charming little venue was once a church but is now a theater displaying movies you won’t be able to find anywhere else in South Florida. Cinema Paradiso also hosts the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival every year.

One of the best deals in town is right around the corner from NSU. Ridge Cinema 8 offers stadium seating and new releases for only $5.50 Monday though Thursday.

Lastly, if you want to make a night of it, you can take a ride up to Boca Raton with your date and enjoy the luxury of Cinemark Paradise 20. You can splurge like a big ‘baller’ and buy The Premier package, which includes valet parking, special reserved seating, and access to both bar and bistro, if you are over 21.

So, pick a theater, grab your Sour Patch Kids, your Tub’O Popcorn, and enjoy the show.

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