On the bench: LeBron, Bosh and Wade turn up the Heat

Miami is no stranger to extravagance and hype. It’s a city that prides itself on being the playground for society’s elite. However, this fall, that playground will become crowded. There are three big kids who want to play, and they happen to play basketball.

In one of the most anticipated trades in the history of sports, LeBron James an-nounced this summer that he would take his talents to South Beach. James is teaming up with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade to make a fantasy trio that has every Heat fan wanting to join the big kids on the jungle gym. Right now the big three are the coolest kids in the sandbox, but in order to stay that way they must keep the rest of the playground happy. In order to stay happy, the rest of the playground expects the big three to share one thing ― an NBA championship.

James joined the Heat because it’s his best chance to win a championship ring and, with two all-stars by his side, many believe he will do just that. The Heat has the recipe for success ― great players, great coaches, and great fans. Individually, the ingredients taste great, but when thrown into the pan will they produce a championship stew or will they burn the kitchen down?

The Miami Heat will win a championship, but it may take some time for the ingredients to simmer. There is no doubt about it. Heat fans will be watching three of the game’s top ten players, but three guys don’t make a basketball team.

If we learned anything from the Boston Celtics last season it was the fact that strength in numbers is crucial. Granted, the Celtics fell at the final hurdle, but they pushed the L.A Lakers all the way and did so because every player contributed. There were times in last season’s playoffs when Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (the original big three) didn’t perform, and bench players like Glen Davies and Nate Robinson picked up the slack.

The key to Miami’s success will come from the guys on the bench. As the spotlight shines on the league’s newest big three, it will be the guys in the shadows who will need to stir the championship stew.

Before a free throw is tossed or a dunk is slammed there is already a winner this season: South Florida. The buzz surrounding the Miami Heat is incredible; the entire region is eagerly anticipating the start of the season.

From LeBroward County to West Palm Bosh to Miami Wade County, South Florida has come alive since James made his decision. The American Airlines Arena has become a church and thousands will flock to see Miami’s newest gods.

Season tickets sold out soon after James’ decision and game jerseys went soon after that. NSU was very much a part of this summer’s drama, as Dwayne Wade was interviewed live on ESPN in the Don Taft University Center, where he announced his decision to stay.

Wade, hosting his annual basketball camp, was on campus for a number of days and even addressed fans outside the Don Taft UC. Fans gathered in large numbers pleading with Wade to stay in Miami and hoping he could persuade Bosh and James to join him. Wade stayed, James and Bosh joined him and the rest is history.

Anyone remotely affiliated with South Florida is suddenly now a Heat fan and basketball has become the region’s newest religion.

The Miami Heat will win a championship and may even win multiple championships in the coming years. Whether they win or not, the other kids on the playground have welcomed the big kids with open arms.

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