On the Scene: What is your definition of ugly?

A unique Web site, www.uglyschmucks.com, was created to help unattractive people find their life partners in a quick and easy way. On it, people submit pictures of themselves and vote on how attractive each member is.  What is your definition of ugly?

“Ugly, to me, is being unconfident in yourself with no respect toward others or their feelings.” Lemar Dyer, senior business administration major

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, first and foremost. Ugly can be defined in various ways based on different peoples’ ideas and views. Although, looks may have no specific definition to me, an ugly person is not one that is physically unattractive, but one that has no morals, scruples or manners in any given situation.” Ted Delcima, junior double majoring in business administration and legal studies

“I don’t define people as ugly. I refer to them as unattractive.” Alex St.Preux, senior business administration with a concentration in marketing major

“To me ugly and beautiful go hand in hand, depending on how you carry yourself.” Spencer Scott, business administration major

“I think beauty and ugliness are based on personality.” Alex Dern, sophomore psychology major

“I believe that ugly is what I am not attracted to; this can range from physical attributes to personality characteristics.” Angel Arroyo Jr., freshmen with an undecided major

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