Puking, dunking and flying — that’s “Jackass 3D”

It’s always been a mystery to me just how much Johnny Knoxville and his friends get paid to repeatedly get beaten in the genitals. But, if you liked “Jackass” and “Jackass 2,” then you’ll enjoy this one. “Jackass 3D” retains the previous films’ reputation for being amusing, gross and shocking.

“Jackass 3D” delivers more hilarious and disgusting stunts to entertain audiences. The 3D effects, although not needed, were interesting additions. It’s used sparingly, so you never know when something is going to jump out. But I could’ve done without fluids popping out at me from the screen.

Some stunts were repeated from the previous films, but they were still fun to watch. The new ones were just as entertaining. Without going into too much detail, I will say that some of the stunts are more memorable than others. The giant hand-smacking, seen in the previews, still cracks me up. By far, one of the most gag-worthy scenes was the port-a-potty launch.

The Jackass phenomenon is a fascinating one. Even those who think the movies are stupid flock to the theaters to see them because it’s fun to see just how stupid people can be. A lot of people get a kick out of watching someone get a concussion for being so idiotic. I mean, c’mon, butting heads with a ram is funny only if you’re not the one doing it. Ridiculous misfortune can be amusing. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no reality TV shows.

“Jackass 3D” is an all-around good time film. But I wouldn’t recommend it for a date movie or a family night out. Don’t eat before, or during the movie. And you won’t want to eat after.

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