Art Basel equals a beautiful day in the neighborhood

So you’re in beautiful, sunny South Florida. You’ve been to the beach, the nightclubs and the fancy restaurants. Now you’re wondering what else there is to do. Perhaps you didn’t know that the biggest and most important art show in the U.S. — Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 — happens right here.

For four days, Dec. 2-5, the art world convenes in Miami Beach for a festival that makes South Florida the Mecca of all that is art. I’m not talking about some rinky-dinky art show in somebody’s garage. I’m talking about more than 2,000 artists, more than 250 galleries from all over the world, performance art, video art, public arts projects, photography, music, architecture, design, parties, exhibitions and food. Art Basel has something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you know the difference between Monet and Picasso. One trip down to Art Basel will be the perfect introduction for even the most elementary art enthusiast. In fact, Art Basel may even change any notions you’ve had of art in the past. As you walk down the street from gallery to gallery, you’re literally exposed to art from every direction. It’s art come to life. Even some of the people walking alongside you are moving art pieces.

And there are a lot of people walking around. Art Basel tends to get very crowded, but that’s what makes it so exciting. It seems like everyone is there. There is a lot of live music taking place, whether it’s inside a gallery or just on a sidewalk. A lot of galleries offer refreshments and finger-food. If it’s a chilly winter night, you may find some free hot chocolate or even some red wine. Both do the trick of keeping you warm.

So, this December, get out of same routine, grab some friends, and head over to Art Basel. Walk the streets of Miami Beach’s Art Deco and experience a truly unique South Florida event. You are guaranteed to have a great time and see some incredible art while you’re at it.

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