Feeling blue? Join the legion

If you’ve attended an NSU home soccer match in the past two seasons, then you must have felt the electricity and passion in the stands. The source of that energy comes from the Blue Legion, a group of hardcore fans who attend every home game and some road games for both the men’s and women’s soccer teams. They were founded last year by junior business major, Mike Straus, and senior biology major, Mike Wiernicki.

The two came up with the idea after watching the 2010 World Cup. They said they saw the love fans had for the game of soccer and wanted to bring that same passion to NSU.

“[The mission] is [to] change the sports fan culture here at Nova, and try to help the players as much as we can,” said Straus.

Soccer players said the Blue Legion has enhanced their playing experience.

Redshirt Freshman Forward, James Pucci said he appreciates what the group does.

“[I love] that they support [us] so much, even if the team is playing good or bad,” said Pucci.

Mike Wiernicki said, “[The players] seem to love us a lot. They’ve shown their appreciation through Facebook, and actually [gave us] a shout out on RadioX during an interview.”

The Blue Legion has its own chants, flag, and even a mascot, the Blue Man.

“We can’t reveal his identity; it’s kind of the essence of the Blue Man. He definitely helps us get the crowd pumped up,” said Straus.

Straus said anyone can be a part of the Blue Legion. The only requirements are being passionate about NSU sports and attending the soccer games.

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