NSU’s favorite MLB postseason moments

For many, October is full of costume parties and candy is in abundance. But for baseball fans, October is the greatest month of the season. Every baseball fan has a favorite postseason moment, and members of the NSU Community are no different.

NSU alumnus and current member of the Connecticut Tigers (Single-A), Nick Avila, said his time in the minors has been good. Avila attended all of the home games for the Florida Marlins during the 1997 World Series and will always carry the memories with him.

“[My favorite moment was the] 1997 Marlins winning the World Series and being at the stadium and being able to experience something like that,” said Avila.

Greg Brown, NSU baseball head coach, is an avid Marlins fan and his favorite postseason moment also involves the team.

“My favorite postseason moment was back in 2003. I was at the game when Roger Clemens supposedly threw his last pitch, and that moment, that feeling in the stadium when he walked off the mound, and just seeing one of the great pitchers of all time, it was a special moment. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay retired,” said Brown.

Like Brown, my favorite postseason mo-
ment involves the Marlins in the 2003 World Series. Though I didn’t attend any of the games, Oct. 25, 2003 was a pretty significant day in my life.

On Oct. 8, 2003 I was at Miami Children’s Hospital having back surgery for my Scoliosis. Doctors told my family that I wouldn’t be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) longer than a few days. However, this would not be
the case.

Two days after the operation, my oxygen levels severely dropped, and doctors were forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy on me. As if recovering from a major operation wasn’t enough, I now had to deal with a tube in my throat.

Those of us who have been in ICU know it’s a pretty depressing and miserable place.  You look for anything that will help lift your spirits and keep you positive.  What kept me going was the support of my family and, of course, watching my Marlins play in the World Series.

Oct. 25, 2003, the same night Josh Beckett shut out the overpaid Yankees to clinch the championship, was the night I moved out of ICU and into my own room. Having my own room meant I was getting stronger and back on the road to recovery.

Call it coincidence; call it fate. That night could not have gone any better.

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