Richard Dreyfuss speaks at NSU

On Oct. 26, Richard Dreyfuss, actor, writer, and activist spoke to nearly 500 students, faculty and guests in the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Theatre, about the importance of individual civic duties.

The speech was a part of the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences’ Distinguished Speaker series, which brings influential speakers to campus each year.

Dreyfuss spoke in detail about the lack of civic education among America’s youth. He said in a study of 8th graders, only half were able to recognize America’s constitutional rights.

“We need to teach our youth how to run our government before someone else does,” he said.

Andrew Derbyshire, junior, legal studies major, said, “Richard Dreyfuss brought to attention the power of the common man and the necessity to reeducate our youth.  Our youth, today, lack the tools to run this nation. Our schools need to establish truth in the curriculum, and with truth comes knowledge.  With knowledge comes power.”

Jonathon Benjamin Lenett. Sophomore, international studies major, said he enjoyed Dreyfuss’ humor.

“I thought it was great how he came in with some of his jokes.  You know, it is very important, I believe, for a public speaker to get the audience to pay attention to what the speaker has to say.”

The next distinguished speaker will be Elizabeth Loftus. psychologist and professor at the University of California — Irvine. She will speak on Feb. 9.

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