Meet Davis Yahn: The new opinions editor

My name is Davis and I am the new editor of the opinions section for The Current.  This is my first year at NSU, and like my first day here and every day since, there have been lots of questions.

Where are you from?

As a constant traveler, I have grown up all over the United States. I spent my high school years on the west side of Florida, in a super-exciting suburb of Tampa (please note the sarcasm.) After my high school graduation, I decided to pack up all my things and move to Colorado to attend school in Boulder. I completed an associate’s degree while pursuing a major in communications. After I got my A.A., I left the mountains to come back to sunny Florida to continue my education. Now, I am a happy resident of Ft. Lauderdale.

What is your major? 

Communications Studies.

What are your interests (other than being opinions editor of course)?

I really enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, fishing and snowboarding are some of my favorite activities, but my major passion is cars. I’ve been around motor sports since I was a kid and still stay involved in different levels of racing.

What is your favorite part of working for The Current?

I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty radical people!

As opinions editor, what inspires you to write? 

I like to voice my opinions in every day life, so I figured this would be a great platform to share them with the NSU community and get people talking.  In addition, I find inspiration in my wonderful girlfriend, my family and Jeremy Clarkson.

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