Outtakes extends its hours to meet student demand

On Jan. 23, the Outtakes convenience store, located in the Don Taft University Center, extended its hours to meet student demands. Outtakes will now stay open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

A survey was taken by the undergraduate student government association on Oct. 17 to determine the usage of the store and how many students were satisfied with the store’s hours. The results showed that out of 358 students, 62.3 percent reported visiting Outtakes three times a week or more and found it closed. The results prompted the SGA to take the issue to PanSGA, which governs all the SGAs on campus.

Robert Genser, resident district manager of Chartwells, said Chartwells responded to a request from PanSGA and agreed to extend the hours.

“We think it’s an excellent suggestion and one that will be well received by all of our customers,” said Genser. “We appreciate receiving comments and suggestions on ways to improve our services campus wide. Our goal is to provide great products and great service each and every day in all of our locations on campus.”

Vanessa Munley, freshman undeclared major, said Outtakes’ hours of operation used to be very inconvenient for students.

“We live on campus and usually get out of class at 8 p.m., and sometimes you want a snack, even if it’s not good for you, you still want something to drink, like water. You would come by and it was always closed and the only place that was open was the [Papa John’s] and nobody wants that,” said Munley.

Janelle Azaret, freshman psychology major, said she remembered when the surveys took place and thought it was good that Chartwells actually listened to the students.

“We made a difference, and it makes you feel important. It’s not just their decision. It’s our opinion, and that matters,” she said.

A.K. Bennett, president of undergraduate SGA, said he is glad that students are noticing the changes SGA has been implementing. He said the recent change shows that not only is SGA here for students, but the university is open to improving their experience.

“Extending Outtakes hours was one of my major goals for this year besides outlets in the UC Pit and reforming the Student Activity Fee Account Office,” said Bennett. “I’ve visited many schools that have convenience stores open late and have had many discussions with students who complained about how much earlier Outtakes closed. Our vice president of legislation, Chris Mignocchi, and his Student Action Committee were instrumental in the research.”

Bennett said he hoped students will view the SGA as a capable body that is an agent of change and will be comfortable approaching SGA officers with their concerns.

The undergraduate SGA is working on their next project. Bennett said they have just passed significant legislation for procurement (debit) cards for student organizations and will soon distribute a survey, via email, to residential students to gauge interest in sand volleyball courts around the residence halls.

“We will also be distributing suggestion boxes across campus and launching a monthly SGA newsletter in the next month,” he said.

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