NSU online resource helps students find jobs and internships

CareerShark, sponsored by the Office of Career Development, is just a few clicks away and can make the difference between getting a job and telling your parents you’re moving back home.

CareerShark was launched in the fall of 2008, and it is the place where employers looking to hire NSU students post jobs or internships. It also helps students keep up to date with the Office of Career Development’s events.

Melissa Forges, career adviser, likens CareerShark to monster.com. She said students can create a profile for employers to review, find out what is going on in the industry, look for job postings and find information on employers.

She said, “It’s an excellent job database. There are resources, tips and tools. There are so many things at students’ fingertips to use.”

If students wish to look for an employer or a job posting, they can click on the “employers” or “jobs” tab. Forges said the “employers” tab is a great networking tool.

“Say there’s an employer you would love working with, you can get their contact information, as these are employers we have cultivated relationships with. We haven’t just posted their information on there. There’s a connection,” she said.

Under the “jobs” tab, students and alumni can see all the jobs and internships that employers have posted. You can do a keyword search or a general search, and just like with the “employers” tab, you will have all the contact information for that job, including a name, email address, phone number, and street address.

Forges said, “Usually, it’s just click, apply, send in your resume and then it goes into oblivion. This is great because it gives accountability to the students to really follow up.”

CareerShark also helps set you apart from other applications because employers have listed jobs specifically to find an NSU student or alumni.

Megan Morini, career adviser, said CareerShark has so many opportunities for students and it’s updated weekly.

“A lot of students think it’s only for business students, but the reality is there are multiple jobs on there, hundreds of jobs and hundreds of different companies that want to hire our students. The economy may be bad, but not according to CareerShark,” she said.

Students can also keep in touch with the Office of Career Development under the “events” and “calendar” tabs. Students can find out about workshops, information sessions, and mock interviews and RSVP to whichever event they would like to attend.

Carleen Pallante, assistant director of campus relations, said CareerShark is also a helpful tool for students who may not be looking for a job or internship right now.

“It helps them see what positions are available and gives them an idea of possibilities in the future,” she said. “It also helps them keep on top of how to develop their own careers through our workshops and different events. Students may not be ready to jump into a job or internship, but they can become aware of what’s out there to help prepare themselves.”

Students can start researching their future career, find jobs and learn about career events by signing into CareerShark at www.nova.edu/careershark.


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