Men’s basketball looking forward to SSC tournament

        The men’s basketball team will play on the road on Feb. 29 for the first round of the SSC tournament. The team currently stands with a record of 11-13 and eight of those losses happened on the road.

        However, Gary Tuell, head coach, said this is a very competitive conference and any team is capable of winning the tournament. He said the difference between the number eight and the number one team in the conference isn’t large.

        “We’ve been in a lot of games. We’ve been close with a lot of people on the road. Florida Tech’s going to win the league, and they beat us by three at their place, so it’s not like we’re not competitive and right there,” said Tuell.

        Robert Huntington, senior center, said he was more excited about this tournament than ones in the past. He said he has been impressed with the camaraderie of the team.

        “I think the most impressive thing is everybody’s stayed together,” said Huntington. “Nobody’s thought, ‘Oh, I should get more playing time,’ or anything like that. Everybody is really close together. I think that’s the best thing.”

        Teddy Tassy, senior guard, said this team is as good as any other team in the conference. In order for the team to succeed at the tournament, he felt they must play with confidence.

        “Talent-wise, we definitely can matchup against any other team in the league. We just want the whole team to have the confidence they need. Confidence does play a big part in this sport,” said Tassy.

        This is the final conference tournament for both players, and they said they are going to leave it all out on the court so that they have no regrets. Their goal is to win the tournament.

        “We want to win, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable goal. I think we can definitely do that,” said Huntington.

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