It’s the same old song for LeBron

LeBron James is certainly “The Chosen One” when it comes to receiving criticism. This guy could end world hunger, poverty and invent a time machine, and yet people would still find a reason to hate him. The outpour of hatred from fans following the All-Star game on Feb. 26 provided clear evidence of that.

It’s pretty pathetic that we live in a world where the best player in the NBA is bashed for his performance in an exhibition game. This isn’t the NBA Finals folks. This is a meaningless exhibition game.

“LeBron didn’t shoot.” “LeBron turned it over.” Who cares? Can we please leave the man alone? By the way, for those who made fun of LeBron, please remember he did score 36 points in the game. Yeah, 36 points in a game is pretty terrible (sarcasm).

I honestly find the hatred and venom towards LeBron mind-boggling. Unless you’re from Cleveland, I really don’t understand why you would genuinely dislike the man. Other than the ill conceived “Decision,” what has he done that warrants such hatred? He’s been a model citizen on and off the court since he’s entered the league.

You’d think that an exhibition game designed to entertain the fans would give LeBron a reprieve from his daily criticism, but I guess that’s asking for too much. A game that was supposed to be fun for LeBron ended up being just another nightmare.

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