NSU athletics delivers gifts to sick children

 Throughout the month of December, Greg Brown, baseball head coach, partnered with the athletic department to collect toys for children at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Brown has been doing this in his personal life for 12 years, but he believed he could help more children by collaborating with the athletic department. He said he felt it was a great opportunity for his team and the rest of the department to be involved.

On Dec. 21, Brown delivered the toys to the children, but he wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by Senior outfielder A.J. Regoli and a very special guest, Santa Claus.

“We have a Santa with us every year, so the kids light up,” said Brown. “You bring joy to these kids lives in a moment when some of these kids are in pain, and you just get to see a great side of the Christmas spirit. It’s very special.”

Regoli was very thankful to deliver the gifts.

He said, “That was a great experience. That was one of the biggest eye-openers I’ve ever had. These kids are less fortunate than I am and most people are, and it’s a sad thing. But at the end of the day, you don’t see these kids complaining.”

The positive attitudes of the children left a great impression on Regoli, and he said everyone could learn from their example.

“They’re very positive. They’re outgoing. They always have a smile on their face. You think it wouldn’t be that way. So, for us, the ones who are lucky and have the ability to still do what we’re doing today, you can’t really take anything for granted,” he said.

Brown hopes this will be an annual tradition with his team and the rest of the athletic department. He wants his team to know “it’s all about service.”

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