Making fall registration hassle-free

It’s almost time to register for the fall 2012 semester. Registration begins April 2 and it’s time to start figuring out your schedule. I know this process pretty well since this will be my last time registering (insert happy dance) and I want to help anyone who needs it.

Your first step in registering for the fall semester is to get a Curriculum Advising and Program Planning report. Log on to your WebSTAR account, click on Student, click on Student Records and then choose CAPP degree evaluation. This report enables you to see everything about your academic career from your GPA, to the classes you’ve taken, to your completed general education classes. When you compare your CAPP report with the classes you need to graduate, you can see which classes you should register for.

After you’ve reviewed your CAPP report, look at the classes offered in the fall. Log on to WebSTAR, click on Student, Student Registration, and then Look Up Classes to Add. Pick your major and/or minor to see what classes you can take. All the classes you need may not be offered next semester so this is the time to look at electives, too.

You don’t just have to pick electives that will complement your major. Think outside of the box. Look at classes in the Arts, Theatre, Philosophy, Music, and other majors.  You can take an elective like Digital Photography (I highly recommend this class if you have a DSLR camera), Comedy and Improv, Moral Issues or Piano I.

Remember, registration begins next week. Don’t wait until Friday to log on to WebSTAR and pick your classes. The ones you want may not be available and you’ll be stuck with classes at odd times during the week. This is not ideal if you work and need a specific schedule. If you already have a list of the classes you want to take, the process should go smoothly.

Finally, make an appointment with your advisor or shoot them an email to ensure you’re on the right track. It’s always good to check back with them so they can give you the thumbs up. The last thing you want is to be here an extra semester because you picked the wrong classes.

The thought of your fall classes may send you into frenzy since you’re still worrying about this semester, but it’s much easier than studying for finals. Just remember to register for classes early and know which ones you need to sign up for in order to complete your degree program.

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