FCAT, SATs, ACTs and the GRE: A standardized life and a scholar’s nightmare

I don’t understand the deal with Florida. We have issues in voting, ridiculous crime situations, it’s too damn hot, and the educational system is not only one of the worst in the country — but the kiddies in grades K-11 are shoved through a standardized testing conveyor belt like unfortunate cattle in a McDonald’s slaughterhouse — and for what?

More testing of course!

This is my beef with standardized testing: It’s bogus — especially when you were unfortunate enough to have been passed through the entire Florida educational system. For those of you feeling the impending doom of the post-college life, I’m right there with you. Graduate school sounds like a fantastic escape from the “real world,” right? Ehh, not when you step out of a GRE testing center.

This may be a personal one for me, but I am not going into a master’s program that requires me to know how many oranges it takes to fill up a shopping cart when applied to x times the weight of the sun. OK, I may be exaggerating, but math is an extraterrestrial language to me. The point is, why is my degree (that took a lifetime in itself to earn) not enough to prove my competence and ability to function in yet another educational system?

I’ll be honest; the math section of the GRE massacred my self-esteem and possibly ruined my total score, which in turn, ruined my chances of getting accepted into my desired master’s program. I think that it is time to put an end to this testing nonsense. I shouldn’t have to pay an additional $160 to complete a test that has nothing to do with my academic endeavors. And, I’m broke! Having a $160 piece of paper tell me I’m broke AND incompetent does not make me feel any better about spending God-knows-how-much on NSU tuition.

Hopefully, I’m at the end of the standardized testing road. It’s been a long, pointless and expensive journey. My hope for the future of education is that this standardized testing business is removed because the scholars of Florida are being screwed out of a real education; which is something every human being should be entitled to — sans the number two pencils.

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