New Routes for Shark Shuttle

 The shark shuttle will have new routes by Sept. 1. Instead of 18 routes there will be 8. This new implementation is an effort by the management of the shuttle service to improve the current route system, which many riders complain is not efficient.

“They took away too many of the shuttles so it takes too long to get around now.” said Rainier Regueiro, a graduate student at the Law school.

The Shuttle Manager, Ernest Nastari said that the bus delays were primarily caused by the number of routes and the number of stops the shuttle made. Stops were eliminated based on how close they were to other stops and how quiet they were. For instance, the Law Center, DeSantis Building and Maltz Building all have stops that are close. So by eliminating the DeSantis and Maltz stops, and making one stop at the Law Center, riders can conveniently get to the other buildings. This improves arrival time as well, because the bus is not making frequent stops.

Anthony Iovino, the physical plant assistant director – custodial and transportation, said that the new system has been tailored to better fit the needs of its riders. Representatives from the NSU community, including students, faculty, and staff brainstormed ways the shuttle service would better serve the campus.

With the help of NextBus, an app on iShark, students will know what time the bus is coming, as NextBus makes time predictions fairly accurately based on traffic pattern. Students can also conveniently get the routes and map from there.

Nastari said, “The shark shuttle still maintains the same fleet, same schedule, same competent drivers, just less stops.” Iovino also said that, even though several stops were eliminated, it will still take a relative amount of time to get around campus because of the stop signs, speed bumps, student crossings, speed limits, traffic lights and other traffic conditions. “Our promise with this new system is that we’ll take you where you want to go on campus in 20 minutes.”

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