NSU celebrates A Day for Children

NSU welcomed about 1,000 families on Sept. 23 to the main campus in honor of “A Day for Children,” an annual event that provides free health care related services to children under 15.

The event was sponsored by over 20 organizations including Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Boys & Girls Club. More than 140 local vendors also participated.

It was a day of games, activities, bounce houses, healthy snacks, and free food for thousands of families.

The Center for Hearing and Communication was one of several participating health care providers that offered free health care assessments for hearing and balance, vision, dental health, speech, medical, nutrition, and behavior.

Ronnie Oller, who has served as chairperson of the event for the past decade, said that, “I don’t think it’s fair that some people cannot get health care services. Through this event, I want to provide the services to those who don’t know of accessible good, healthy care.”

The Alvin Sherman Library’s librarians issued free library cards to families. Children also received free haircuts and gifts, such as bicycle helmets.

Thirteen year old Myah Havertong who has attended “A Day for Children” the past two years said, “I appreciate the things today’s event offers to children. There are many families who just can’t afford it.”

The first “A Day for Children” was held ten years ago to give medical students hands-on experience in the different areas of medicine and health care.

Oller said that today the event fills a void of health care services and recognizes children’s needs.

“I want the children to gain self-respect, nutrition, exercise, and to combine body and mind power. Today’s youth are the people who will run our country in the future and they deserve the best care,” she said.

Parent of three, Margarita Gonzalez supports the NSU health community affair.

“I believe it’s important to stay abreast with our children’s health. This huge event is beneficial to children and parents, alike.” Gonzalez said.

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