This week in history

October 8 ,1995

With the Dolphins, Dan Marino breaks the NFL career passing yard record with 47,003.


October 9, 1966

The Rolling Stones recorded their first live album “Got Live if You Want It.”


October 10, 2004

Christopher Reeve, famous for his role as “Superman”, and who became paralyzed after a horse riding accident in 1995, died of heart failure.

October 11, 1975

“Saturday Night Live” premieres with George Carlin as host.

October 12, 1492

Christopher Columbus makes landfall on the Bahamas.

October 13, 1963

The term “Beatle mania” is coined after the Beatles skyrocketed to fame with their performance at the Palladium in London.

October 14, 1979

National Hockey League’s Greatest scorer, Wayne Gretzky, scores his 1st NHL goal.

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