What a nobel shame

Aung San Sung Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela,  The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa,  Martin Luther King Jr. and the European Union are now known as Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Yes, you read that correctly. Along with great histrocial figures like Mother Teresa and  Martin King Jr., the EU is now considered a leader in world peace.

This year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee once again shocked the world in its selection of  a winner for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Award. The committee said that the selection was made in recognization of the EU “uniting the continent of Europe in the commitment to the advancement of peace, reconciliation and human rights.”

How completely laughable is that?  If you have been following the news out of Europe, you should be on the floor dying of laughter.

The award going to the EU is akin to the rise of the machines; this is a machine selection which chose a another machine. The EU is a technocracy, governed by machines,  joined with the banking establishment, to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the EU and send it to Brussels, the banksters, the World Bank and the old boys who run the Union and its member states.

The entire circumstances are farcical and the award now besmirches those who have worked their entire lives for the advancement of peace.

The EU is a basket case of  economic and social turmoil. The continued decline of its economy, drowning in mountains of debt and spending, the deterioration of its welfare state, and the social upheaval and roiting that this has caused is hardly a peaceful situation promiting the unity of the continent.

Relations between EU members are at its worst point since the creation of the Union in 1993. Last week, protesters dressed as Nazis greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her visit to bankrupt Greece.
The economies of the EU’s member nations are stagnant. Spain, France, Portugal and Ireland are on the very edge of insolvency.  Far left and far right parties have made gains during these turbulent times, threatening the fragile balance of a continent not use to racial diversity.

Moreover, this is not the first time that the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee has overreached in its selection.  In the past, they have been criticized for being partial to dictators, human right abusers, and politicians.

When the likes of Yasser Arafat and Anwar Sadat are peace laureates, it diminishes the real work of those who seek peace.

The Chinese dissident, who speaks out agains his government, rotting inside a Beijing prison; the community leader trying to stop gun violence in inner city Chicago; or the nurse in Africa, who does her best to care for the sick with little medical supplies — these are the people who work hard to bring peace to our world.

The Nobel Peace Prize is now part of the old boys club and a system by which those with money, power and connections seek to pat each other on the back and pad their own pockets with the wealth of others. They deserve their noble shame.

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