NSU relayed for breast cancer

On Oct. 26, NSU’s “Relay for Life”, a nonprofit organization, held “Treasure Your Chest,” its first ever bra walk in the Don Taft University Center’s Pit and Spine. Over 50 NSU students participated in the event’s games and festivities and over $200 were raised. All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

Danny McFadden, sophomore legal studies majors said, “This fundraiser event is for a cure for breast cancer. We decided to display decorated bras to raise awareness.”

For a minimal donation of $5, participants received a bra to decorate and wear. There were several games, including a bra sling contest and a competition that awarded a male who wore the most pink. John Killas, sophomore sports management major, won this competition and received a pink cowboy hat and button that said, “Real men wear pink.”

Rachael Norcross, freshman nursing major, said “I donated $10 in honor of my grandmother who had breast cancer. It’s great that there are events like these to bring awareness, because a lot of people still don’t know much about it.”

Bathche Fils-Aime, sophomore legal studies, donated $10 and decorated a bra.

She said, “Even if everyone donated one dollar, it would make a huge impact.”

President of Relay for Life, Lindsay Goldstein, junior education major, said, “This is our first year as a registered campus organization. Through ‘Treasure Your Chest’, we tried to raise awareness, mixing something serious with something fun.”

Next month, Relay for Life will hold a ping pong tournament in honor of prostate cancer awareness month.

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