Creative ways to tackle Super Bowl hunger

Every year, when February rolls around, people start planning their parties for the biggest TV event of the year: the Super Bowl.  For some, the Super Bowl is a chance to watch the biggest NFL game of the year, but for others, it’s just another excuse to have a bunch of friends come together and eat some delicious food. Whether you want to actually watch the game or just enjoy some laugh-until-you-cry commercials, here a few ideas to really get the crowd excited.

There is nothing more important at a Super Bowl party than the food. Partygoers arrive with expectations of great entertainment and even better food. The first thing people look for are the appetizers, which are pretty easy to make. Some of the more popular ideas are salsa, cheese dip, or guacamole served with some good ol’ tortilla chips. If you want to take it to the next level, you can try a few less common, but extremely delectable dips, such as a taco dip or baked buffalo chicken dip.

After the appetizers disappear, guests expect some food. You can keep it classic and go with hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings, but why not spice up the menu a little this year?

Instead of settling for plain hot dogs, add some flavor with your favorite chili and cheese. And instead of serving up standard cheeseburgers, try pairing cheese with homemade pulled pork. Take messy chicken wings from the traditional style and turn them into buffalo chicken wontons.

After halftime has come and gone, people may start to get hungry again, meaning that it’s time for dessert. Cupcakes, brownies and cookies are always a good idea for some sweet treats, but it’s the Super Bowl — a perfect time to get creative.

Instead of individual cupcakes, place the cupcakes together and decorate them as if they are a cake. You can even decorate them as a football field, using candy to represent players and yellow straws as field goal posts.

Transform brownies and cookies into football masterpieces, resembling a football, jersey or helmet. Once the goods are baked, they can even be decorated with each team’s logos. Probably the most creative idea, but also the hardest, is to make helmet shaped cake balls.

If you want try any of these unique food suggestions, search the web for the perfect recipes. By adding some flair to the menu, your party is sure to be a winner, even if the game leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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