Take a trip with NSU Travel Office

Taking a good trip always starts with planning. Making sure that all hotels are reserved, and that transportation options are booked in advance while still trying to stay within a reasonable budget.

The NSU Travel Office, which has been affiliated with the national travel agency Universal Travels for 25 years, is a full service travel agency that is able to accommodate and prepare travel options for student, faculty, and the NSU community.

Located about 20 minutes from NSU’s main campus, the NSU Travel Office offers special discounts and rates for members of the NSU community looking to plan their next trip.

Vicki Marcial, the travel manager, said that through the NSU Travel Office, depending how detailed or if they want to go in all inclusive, a trip can be planned with all amenities, transportation, and meals included. Whether it is a business trip or leisure trip, the NSU Travel Office makes those arrangements possible.

Sue Ann Slater, general manager for Universal Travel, said that this resource is open not just for students and faculty but also for their families.

“Family travel is very popular, and we are doing a lot of that, planning cruises especially,” said Slater.

The NSU Travel Office has also worked closely with the university in arranging group trips that fall under a student’s curriculum.

“We have worked with the university in setting up the medical missions trips involving the optometry school,” said Slater.

The NSU Travel Office website updates special travel promotions from cruises to tours and also additional specials and discounts. Currently, there are special offers for tours in Europe and in the Unites States.

“We try to make trips as affordable as possible and the good thing about working with the university is that, depending on the trip, discounts and special can be made for students, alumni, faculty, and staff,” said Marcial.

The NSU travel office does accept walk-in visits but recommends that anyone interested in planning a future trip to make an appointment. Appointments consist of meeting with a travel agent and going over the options that best fits a person’s desired travel idea and a person’s budget. There is an added consultation fee when meeting with a travel agent which ranges in price depending on the trip.

“I would suggest for anyone interested in taking advantage of what our office has to offer that they plan according and ahead of time, that way if they want to do something either in the U.S. or go to a different country it can be accommodated without any rush,” said Marcial.

Slater said,“The agency has contracts with many agencies, such as American Express, so student can take advantage of our discounts and the many featured specials that we offer.”

For more information on the many travel options available call (954) 262-8888, or email the travel office at travel@nsu.nova.edu.You can also visit the office located at 1425C S.E. 17th Street or log on to their website http://www.nova.edu/cwis/bsv/travel/ for the latest special travel promotions.

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