Faceoff: Are horoscopes worth the read?

I enjoy reading my horoscope

by Amanda Ziadie

About a year ago, I began reading and researching zodiac signs after being approached by a psychic in Miami Beach. This lady explained that my energy caused her to approach me, as she could tell that I’m an extremely strong person and that I’m a Gemini. She told me that she was also a Gemini and felt as though we had similar traits. She recommended that I start reading my daily horoscope, as it could be a really good indicator of how my days, weeks and months might pan out and what I should seek in an ideal partner according to the zodiac.

Of course, I thought this was an extremely awkward interaction, because prior to this, I didn’t believe that zodiac signs had anything to do with a person’s personality or what direction anyone’s life should and will go in. But based on all of my experiences with my daily horoscopes, I am a strong believer that zodiac signs and horoscopes can guide one’s life.

After my interaction with this lady, I started researching more about each star sign, focusing on my sign in particular. I found that Geminis tend to be extremely strong willed, strong minded and moody. This definitely describes me and I began to ask my close friends, who also happened to be Geminis, how they would describe their personalities. Somehow, they described themselves in the exact same way. Still, I thought it must be just a bizarre coincidence.

As time passed, I found myself reading my horoscope more and more until it became a daily activity, and each horoscope actually predicted something that occurred during my day. One particular example that stands out, substantially, occurred in June. My horoscope for the month claimed that I’d take a trip to see loved ones and would come upon some money. Lo and behold, at the end of June, I travelled to Jamaica to see my family and while there went to the casino with my Dad and won some money.

Still, I had my doubts about astrology, so I began to read my horoscope at the end of the day, as opposed to at the beginning, so I would not expect anything to happen. I found that about 85 percent of the time, my horoscope was on point; whatever the horoscope said was how my day went.

At this point, I became a believer in zodiac signs as a strong determinant of one’s personality and how one’s life will ultimately turn out. Based upon all my research, I have found that people just like me who once did not believe in horoscopes are now believers based upon their experiences. Even though one’s day may not go exactly as their horoscope says it will, it may be a good indicator of the path one should take.

To me, horoscopes cannot be mere coincidences, and I believe that everyone should start reading their horoscopes. I, once, did not believe nor was I even interested in researching about zodiac signs and reading my horoscope every day, but that experience with the psychic made me a bit more open minded. I will continue to read my horoscope daily and follow the recommendations that these horoscopes provide me with; and I hope that I have inspired others to go ahead and start reading their horoscopes as the psychic inspire me.



Horoscopes aren’t worth your times

by Randa Djabri

I know that, scientifically, the sun can kill us instantly if it moves a little close to Earth, but I don’t see how a planet or star’s movement can affect my personal life.

Zodiac signs revolve around the principle of judging people on when they were born instead of merely who they are. How is this any different from judging people based on their skin color? Simply knowing a person’s birth time and date is not sufficient enough to determine someone’s destiny. Just think of how many other people in the world were born at the same time. They most definitely do not have the same fate just because they were coincidentally born around the same time.

Some people think their zodiac signs determine every aspect of their lives. So, wait a minute; are they trying to tell me that how I do in school solely depends on how a certain star behaves rather than my hard work and effort? If this was the case, we would all be puppets hanging off long strings with fractions of the world’s population sharing each of the 12 stars.

The reason zodiacs are so believable to the gullible is that they consist of randomly generalized statements or advice put together in a way that applies to a large number of people, such as “using words may help you communicate your thoughts” and “let your limitations guide you.” These statements are so general that they can be interpreted in many different ways, fooling people into thinking that they apply specifically to them. Obviously, groups of the world’s population don’t live through the same experiences and feelings every day.

It’s also interesting to consider the contradiction of how people believe in such nonsense, which originated from mythology about Greek gods that they don’t believe in. Zeus is not going to get you a job. The Milky Way isn’t going to make you happy.

As college students, many of us majoring in some kind of science, we should know that the scientific community has rejected astrology as a science simply because there is no evidence to support it.

Aside from all the gibberish behind zodiacs, I strongly believe that they can be dangerous, not in the same sense of threatening people’s lives, but in a more humane sense. Zodiacs are dangerous because they encourage people to live their lives convinced that nothing they do matters and nothing they do will make a difference in their lives.

Of course, people have the freedom to choose what to believe in. If it’s just for fun, no problem; I have to admit that I’m guilty of reading horoscopes for fun at one time in my life. But if they’re read to find out whether or not you should leave your house today, I think this is going way too far.

It’s pathetic when I see posts on the Internet saying things like, “I’m a Pisces and my boyfriend is an Aquarius, so we do not match and will never work out.” There are people who break up their emotional relationships just because they bought a magazine that says their zodiac signs don’t make them compatible. This is very pitiful.

It’s sad knowing that this has been turned into a business that takes advantage of hopeless and desperate people whose only hopes are the lies that periodically restore their confidence only to want to hear more lies. I mean, there are people who pay thousands of dollars to websites and fortunetellers over the phone to hear foolishness.

If your only hope of finding wealth, happiness and true inner peace is a daily horoscope, you probably need more than that to fix your life problems and feel content.

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