My fantasy playlist

Little monsters of the world unite! I am a newbie to the newsroom, but already I have bonded with a few of my co-workers over one lady: Lady Gaga! Li, Nicole and I are going to “artRAVE” ball on May 4 at the BB&T center, and we couldn’t be more excited. We have already put the Mother Monster’s music in the newsroom on blast, much to the dismay of a few co-workers. We are discussing costume and makeup choices, and workout sessions leading up the big day. We will be posting many predictions and fashion choices over the next couple of months, because it is sacrilegious to show up for Lady Gaga without proper preparations.

Despite being a newbie here, but I am a veteran of Lady Gaga’s Balls. I have seen both of her shows in Toronto, Canada. That’s right. I have flown to a different country twice to see her live. I am most definitely a “little monster.”

Here are my predictions/hopes for her set list.


“Born This Way”


“Just Dance”





“Sexxx Dreams”

“Speechless/You and i”



“Poker Face”



“Marry the Night”

“Edge of Glory”



“Do What U Want”


“Bad Romance”


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