There’s a job for that?!

Unless you can see the future, there is no sure way of knowing that your perfect dream job will appear once you graduate from college. However, looking at these weird jobs might make you think twice about procrastinating on homework or missing classes. With some imagination, or a lot of time on the Internet, you can discover a array of jobs that your teacher probably never mentioned in middle school.


Mattress jumper
Growing up, you probably dreamed of have a job that would only require jumping on a bed. As it turns out, that job actually exists. Professional mattress jumping is a serious job. Apparently, its not about achieving a great height or doing back flip and somersaults, but using the soles of the foot to compress the mattress layers and detect any lumps in the mattress filling. Mattress jumper’s work for mattress companies all around the country and some can make up to $15 dollars an hour.


Line waiter
Standing in lines can be one of the most daunting tasks. Some people may be richer than others, or more powerful, but when there is an event to go to or a tourist site to see, everyone has to stand in one line together.
If there’s no way to skip a line, people can actually hire and pay someone to stand in line for them. Depending on the event, a line waiter can make up to $35 an hour.


bwperfume smeller

Perfume smellers
Also known as “noses”, highly trained perfumers work with fragrance companies to create and evaluate scents. It sounds like a job that comes with luxurious benefits, but it’s not an easy career to break into. There are only about 50 well-respected professional noses in the world, due to the difficult training process. Many study in Grasse, France because of the region’s centuries of renowned perfume production. The training can take up to seven years or more.

bwpencil sharpener

Professional pencil sharpener
You can sharpen your own pencil, but who would want to go through all that trouble? Instead, someone can pay you for a fee of $15 per pencil, to professionally sharpen their pencil. Once, it’s sharpened to perfection, the pencil is placed into a pencil-sized plastic tube, then placed into a larger plastic tube to make sure the pencil doesn’t break. The pencil is than mailed to the customer with a certificate of authenticity and the precious pencil shavings.

Presidential poison taster
Want a job working alongside the biggest rulers of the world, while getting paid to travel and eat different types of food? Well, now you can as a professional presidential poison taster. You might have known that the ancient Egyptians and the Romans employed them, but were you aware that poison tasting is still a potential career option today? Vladimir Putin reportedly requires the services of food tasters who travel with him and taste his food. He has every dish inspected by a medically qualified professional sampler, who makes sure that it is completely safe to eat.
The downside is that you may have to move to Russia and the food might be poisonous, but the bright side is you get to travel around the world and indulge in presidential cuisine.



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