Make a change “for hair’s sakes”

NSU’s Locks for Cause, a student organization, will hold its fourth annual “For Hair’s Sake” cut-a-thon to collect hair and monetary donations for Locks of Love — a nonprofit organization that provides wigs for people under 21 who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, on March 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Don Taft University Spine.

Around four local hair stylists will work for free at the event. For hair to be donated, it must be at least six inches long, clean, dry and unbleached. The stylists will cut hair while it is in a ponytail or braid and then style the remaining hair to the person’s liking.

People who don’t have long enough hair for donation can make a monetary donation in exchange for a haircut. Donors will receive complementary pizza, and RadioX will provide music.

Founded by Lesly Viera, senior biology major and cancer survivor, Locks for Cause raises funds for cancer research and hosts cut-a-thon events. Viera established this event in her senior year of high school and brought it to NSU during her freshman year.

“The individuals involved are so passionate about this event, so I only see it growing and continuing,” said Viera, “We rely heavily on the community. It’s just nice to see new faces every year.”

Graduate Assistant for Special Events and Projects Jennifer Vogel, adviser for the cut-a-thon, said the event is significant because such a small donation means so much more to the receiver.

“Wigs are created from the donated hair and then given to the girls and boys who are going through chemotherapy, allowing them to have some positivity and normalcy in their life,” Vogel said.

The cut-a-thon is open to NSU students, faculty, staff and members of the community.

Vogel said, “Students are able to donate without spending money and do something that helps beyond just their community.”

Since the event’s inception, NSU has collected at least 200 ponytails for donation every year. Viera said everyone should help provide wigs if they are able to. “It’s something special that you can give. It’s something that’s a part of you,” Viera said.

“It’s not giving money, which is also important, but there’s something more special and personable about giving your hair to someone who doesn’t have it.” For more information about the event or Locks for Cause, contact Viera at

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