Faceoff: Just relax

Being in college, I know my friends and I look forward to winter break for months. Going home and seeing your family, relaxing, watching Netflix, seeing hometown friends and, of course, catching up on sleep — what could be better?

Though summer vacation is three and a half months long, winter break only lasts three weeks. I don’t see the need to be pressured into doing something with every second of my time during winter break; it’s my time to relax, recharge and be as lazy as I want to be.

Winter break should be a time to recharge. Three weeks is not a lot of time to do something extremely productive or resume-building. A majority of the break is spent celebrating holidays, anyway.

For hours on end we have been going to class, studying, working, being a part of organizations and trying to catch a decent amount of sleep in between all of that. Our bodies are physically and mentally tired and need to be refreshed for the semester and year ahead.

The more stressed and anxious you become the harder it is to sleep. Why not relax and do something that may help your health? According to a Barnard College study, stress is the most common cause of insomnia. The study found students are twice as likely to be sleep deprived as the general population. He also suggested students not getting enough sleep are struggling to balance classes, finances, social lives, athletics, volunteer work, parental expectations and employment. College students need time to relax and just be people instead of trying to be the energizer bunny, especially after finals are over. Winter break is the time to get the right amount a sleep, get your body back on a proper schedule, de-stress and focus on making next semester better than the last.

Summer is the time to focus on internships, volunteering, jobs, and anything else you can do to build your resume. For three and a half months our minds are constantly on and running. There are always people around and always something going on. Hanging out with friends, watching movies and sleeping should be your focus during winter break. When you’re home and on winter break, it is time to relax and enjoy the comfort of your bed and homemade food. It’s your time to do nothing and cuddle under your covers.

Besides relaxing, it’s also a good idea to get ready for the semester ahead. Take a breath, go shopping, and set your goals for the start of the semester. Being prepared and more relaxed from the beginning will start you on the right foot. Being rested, recharged and rejuvenated will allow for a better, more productive semester.

Winter break is our time to sit back and relax. It is something to look forward to, and we should continue to do so. Everyone deserves a time to be lazy, and winter break is the perfect opportunity. Get your pajamas, remote and blanket ready. It’s time to relax.

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