Soundbite: Beach Music by Alex G

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If you search for Alex G in Spotify, you will come across three artists with the same name; however, this Alex G., short for Giannascoli, definitely has a way of standing out, starting with his  90’s sound with hushed, yet high-pitched, raspy voice. The 22 year old, Philly native has released multiple LP’s, “Beach Music” being his 7th, and is currently on tour in the UK, soon to be headed back into the states. In “Beach Music,” Alex G. uses grungy-alternative undertones, folk-rock vibes and a lot of guitar sound distortions. “Beach Music” consists of thirteen tracks, all recorded at different points and each it’s own entity. Despite this, the tracks do transition nicely into each other creating a well put-together album. This album was released on Oct. 9, just in time for those windy, chilly beach strolls.

Perfect if you like:  My Bloody Valentine and STRFKR

Favorite Tracks: “Bugs,” “Kicker,” and “Brite Boy”

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