Shark Speak for March 29, 2016



What do you love about NSU?



“I love the great academic opportunities and focus here at Nova. I also appreciate the amount of enthusiasm and student-centered activities around campus. It really makes me feel proud.”

Gabriela Espinosa, sophomore speech-language and communication disorders major



“NSU provides me with a close-knit community, and it is not as combative and overwhelming as other schools. I also really like the opportunities for involvement.”

Elyse Rosen, sophomore theatre major



“The business professors know what they are talking about. They bring real world experience to the material, and I know that I can always count on them for recommendations. “

Lance Singleton, senior business administration major



“The professors I know not only have experience, but they are intelligent. Because of attending NSU, I have made connections with people and have been taught by professors I might not have met otherwise. Attending Nova has exposed me to different frames of thinking.”

Chrissy Justilien, marriage and family therapy graduate student



“I’m proud I have professors that have actually worked in the field they’re teaching students about, and because of my professors at Nova, I have been able to learn so many different aspects of theater.”

Pryscila Salinas, sophomore theatre major



“I really like the fact that there is a lot of diversity here. You will never be stuck with one thing or group of people. There’s clubs, sororities, frats and more. Nova is a small school, but there is definitely a lot to do here. I can honestly say I have made a lot of friends in my first year here. “

Noshin Tasnia, freshman computer technology major

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