Meet the Musicians: COLOURS

There is no greater reason to develop an affinity for a band than when that band is from your own backyard.

Kyle Tamo and Morgan Alley, the vocalist and drummer, respectively, for the band COLOURS, got their start in Sarasota, Fla. The duo has worked their way up the music ladder and are currently on a tour with electronic musician Robert DeLong, a one-man-band known for his unique of various items as instruments.

To gain some colorful insight on the band, I talked to Tamo about COLOURS’ music and future.

What made you guys want to start a band?
“Morgan and I wanted to start COLOURS to create art that influences people. There’s something to not be ignored or overlooked when considering the power of music and its ability to emotionally inspire.”

What do you do or look to to get inspired to write new songs?
“I think, to influence, you must be influenced. Anyone, artist or not, who has a confidence in [him- or herself] and [his or her] work is very inspiring for us. In an age of access, it can be hard to appreciate details, as they’re often overlooked for the next bit of stimulation. When we find someone, or an artist, who can appreciate those details, it is very inspiring.”

Is there a particular song you’ve written that is emotionally moving for you?
“I think the song ‘Alone’ resonates in both me and Morgan. When we wrote it, we kept all ambiguity and vagueness out. It’s a visceral and raw song.”

What was it like being on tour with Robert DeLong?
“The DeLong tour was a wonderful tour. With almost every date sold out, we had wonderful opportunities to share our passion with thousands of people throughout the country. Robert and his crew were also very kind and accommodating.”

Do you plan on touring with any other artists?
“Certainly. Touring, for us, is imperative. We’re excited to tour with a vast array of artists and offer concert-goers an eclectic experience.”

What was it like releasing your first album?
“Releasing ‘IVORY’ was a beautiful moment for me and Morgan. We sacrificed a lot, for years, to be able to bring this album to everyone. There is something so moving about spending years in the dark making art for someone and finally being able to present them with it.”

What are your goals for the band?
“Goals are something we don’t try to set too often. I think goals come with limits or restrictions. Even when you’re fast approaching a goal, I think people often slow down with anticipation for it and sort of idle. We don’t want to set goals because we don’t want to slow down. We want COLOURS to get to a point where we struggle to keep up.”

How do you balance your music career with other obligations?
“Truly, COLOURS has always taken precedence. We have put COLOURS before comfort, health and relationships. The worth we see in COLOURS justifies the sacrifice we’ve put forth.”

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands?
“I think innovation is a hindrance to many artists. I think they often invest too much of their energy in that one aspect of their art and, in turn, find themselves grasping at straws. A consumer of arts wants good art, not always unexpected art. We let our experiences influence our sound and our passion polish it. Our goal is not doing something no one’s done; it’s doing something better than anyone has done it.”

Is there a performance or moment in your career that is most memorable for you?
“There was a moment of exhaustion before the album was released, a moment when I was sitting in Florida, alone, reflecting. I received a call from a family member from across the country. They were screaming with the car radio blasting in the background. After a good 30 seconds, I pieced together what was happening. Our single, ‘Monster,’ was playing on the radio, and my family came across it while driving. It was a very heartwarming and affirming moment. Simple, but resonating.”



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