Goodbye Netflix binges, hello movie matinees

The only thing that can compare to a home-cooked meal for a college student is a night dedicated to catching up on the latest shows. During the academic year, any time not spent at work, in classes, or socializing is often spent watching Netflix, but now that summer is approaching, things are about to change. Rather than wasting away the summer break by cuddling up in bed with a fuzzy blanket, spend the break socializing with some friends and going to see some of these upcoming films.

Action and adventure
“Captain America: Civil War”
Release date: May 6
The Avengers are back in an attempt to save the world. Unfortunately, one incident that led to some serious damage created tension in the debate of whether the government should oversee and direct the team. This film focuses on two teams of Avengers: one led by Steve Rogers, or Captain America, who is on the team against government intervention, and the other led by Tony Stark, or Iron Man, who is supportive of the government’s intervention.

“X-Men: Apocalypse”
Release date: May 27
The X-Men are ready for the final part of their trilogy. Apocalypse, the original and most powerful member of X-Men, returns to the world after being asleep for thousands of years. Not a fan of the world he sees, he recruits mutants to create a new world order. Raven and Professor X lead a new team of younger X Men to stop Apocalypse from destroying the world.

“Independence Day: Resurgence”
Release date: June 24
Twenty years after aliens attacked and attempted to destroy Earth, the United Nations created the Earth Space Defense to act as a warning system against alien attacks. Even though the system is in place, it turns out the aliens from the first Independence Day had friends in greater numbers than the system could predict. In the battle of aliens vs. humans, who will win?

“The Legend of Tarzan”
Release date: July 1
Another classic Disney animated film comes to live with this release. Most people know the story of Tarzan, the man raised by apes in the jungles of Africa, but this story has another tale to tell. When Tarzan is asked to return to the Congo as a trade emissary of Parliament, years after settling down in London with Jane, he is manipulated into a situation that may prove to be deadly.

“Star Trek Beyond”
Release date: July 22
Captain Kirk is back again in the third installment of the Star Trek reboot series, and, this time, he and his crew are going up against a group of aliens that nobody seems to know much about. The crew ends up stranded on an unfamiliar planet, battling the aliens for their lives.

“Jason Bourne”
Release date: July 29
Originally developed as the main character in a series of novels, Jason Bourne, otherwise known as David Webb, returns in the fifth movie in the film adaptation of the books. After Bourne goes missing at the end of the previous film, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” he suddenly returns and faces the risk of uncovering dangerous information as he tries to learn more about his past.

Horror and thriller
“The Darkness”
Release date: May 13
Said to be based on a true story, the film follows a family who, after visiting the Grand Canyon, bring home an unintended souvenir. When the youngest child unveils a stolen keepsake from the canyon in his home, terrifying mysteries unfold and the family faces a new journey of horror.

“The Conjuring 2: The Endfield Experiment”
Release date: June 10
The married couple serving as paranormal investigators are onto their next case in the sequel to “The Conjuring.” This time, Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to England, where a family is being haunted by a spirit whose intentions seem to be much more nefarious than what the investigators are used to.

“The Purge: Election Year”
Release date: July 1
The third instalment of “The Purge” series focuses on Senator Charlene Roan, who, in 2025, is expected to win the next presidential election, as her platform is focused on ending the annual Purge once and for all. Government officials, however, disagree with her attempt to disassemble the U.S. totalitarian government’s amendment, and so, when the annual Purge approaches, she and her Head of Security are betrayed and left to fend for themselves in the dangerous streets.

“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”
Release date: May 20
Mac and Kelly just can’t seem to get away from Greek life. As they’re planning for their second child and to move out of their home, a new sorority called Kappa Kappa Nu moves in next door. Mac and Kelly join forces with Teddy to show the Kappa Kappa Nu’s who’s in charge of the situation.

“Now You See Me 2”
Release date: June 10
The Four Horsemen, J. Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Merritt McKinney and Jack Wilder, make their way back to the public’s eye after remaining incognito for a year. This time, the group hopes to expose the practices of a popular tech magnate. Does the team have what it takes to, yet again, outwit the FBI and pull off another of history’s greatest magic stunts?

Release date: July 15
The 1984 blockbuster is back with its phone ready for anyone to call. The film focuses on a group of ghost hunters who start a ghost-catching business in The Big Apple and find themselves in all kinds of strange occurrences. Only time will tell if these oddball ghost exterminators will be successful in their paranormal endeavors.

“Bad Moms”
Release date: July 29
Does having it all really mean that one has it all? When a group of moms who are beautiful, successful and seem to have a perfect life from the outside — loving husbands, successful children and incredible homes — begin to feel the stresses from being over-worked and exhausted, they decide to stray away from their motherly responsibilities and take a walk on the wild side.

“Sausage Party”
Release date: Aug. 12
When Frank, a sausage who lives in a grocery store, and numerous other talking grocery items have their dreams come true and are finally chosen to leave the store and taken into someone’s home, life comes to an abrupt stop. While the different items are sitting in the kitchen, excited that they are all together in their new owner’s home, they are made to witness the truth about food and all the cutting, peeling and mashing that’s in their futures. Frank and his friends go on a journey to escape the future of consumption and continue their lives back on the shelves of the supermarket.

“War Dogs”
Release date: Aug. 19
Based on a true story, this biographical comedy focuses on the tale of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who, in 2007, were contracted by the U.S. government to supply weapons to U.S. allies in Afghanistan. Though the $300 million contract seemed like the deal of their dreams, Packouz and Diveroli soon discover that supply weapons to the Middle East may not be the easiest job they’ve ever completed.


Release date: May 13
The only time of year students look forward to more than summer is spring break. When two high school seniors, Logan and Black, decide to go to a beach resort in Mexico for their break, their vacation goes from every guy’s dream to every kid’s nightmare at the drop of a dime. The morning after Logan meets a strange girl and brings him back to their resort, he realizes that she stole his grandfather’s watch, which just so happens to be the family heirloom. After discovering the watch is now possessed by a local gangster, these boys must find a way to battle love and bargain their way back to safety with the heirloom back in their pocket.

“Me Before You”
Release date: June 3
When a highly-successful man becomes permanently disabled after a car accident, he feels his whole life unfolds and that his life is over. But when a young woman, who has no prior experience, is hired as his caregiver, the young man starts to regain hope for his future.

“Southside with You”
Release date: Aug. 19
Anyone can see that Barack and Michelle Obama have a relationship full of love and power. But, now, everyone can see how this power couple’s relationship started out. See how Mr. and Mrs. President’s first date played out, when Barack asks Michelle to join him on a journey in Southside Chicago in 1989.

“Finding Dory”
Release date: June 17
P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, isn’t the only thing Marlin and Dory are looking for anymore. This time around, Marlin and his son, Nemo, help Dory find her family, whom she lost in “Finding Nemo.” The trio explore the ocean, meeting all kinds of marine life along the way and facing all kinds of new hurdles.

“The BFG”
Release date: July 1
Based on the 1982 children’s book by Roald Dahl, the film, the title of which stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” focuses on the story of a young girl and her 24-foot-tall best friend. The young girl, Sophie, lives in an orphanage and, late one night, meets the BFG, who explains to her that he is the one who deposits dreams into the minds of children at night. The two become best friends and begin the journey of dreams.

“Ice Age: Collision Course”
Release date: July 22
The fifth installment of the “Ice Age” series begins with everyone’s favorite prehistoric rodent, Scrat, as he pursues his beloved acorn once again. After his pursuit leads him to outer space, he sets off a series of catastrophic cosmic events that threaten the lives of Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of their herd. They three lead their families on a journey to new places in the hopes of escaping the catastrophe that Scrat set off.

“Pete’s Dragon”
Release date: Aug. 12
Based on the classic Disney story, the movie tells the tale of 10-year-old Pete, a boy who claims to have no family or home and lives in the woods with his dragon, named Elliott. When a local forest ranger, Grace, meets Pete, she initially thinks he’s making up a story, but when she realizes the dragon he describes is the same as the one her father has told local children for years, she begins to think Pete’s story may not just be a coincidence.

Sci-fi and fantasy
“Alice Through the Looking Glass”
Release date: May 27
Portraying Lewis Carroll’s novel “Through the Looking-Glass,” this film continues the journey of Alice Kingsleigh. After travelling with her father for three years, Alice finds a magical mirror that leads her back to Wonderland, where she travels in time in an attempt to help her friends and determine what path she’s going to choose for the rest of her life.

“The Space Between Us”
Release date: Aug. 19
Time will tell all tales, even when the time is ticking on different planets. When a 16-year-old boy from Mars spends a significant amount of time communicating with a girl on Earth, he finds himself in love and starts a journey to find her.

“Max Steel”
Release date: Aug. 26
When 16-year-old Max and his friend, who just so happens to be an alien named Steel, get together, unbelievable things tend to happen. The two evolve into the superhero known as Max Steel, and, although they are unsure as to how they should feel about the powers they’ve harnessed, the two set out on adventures to save the world from evil.

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