Soundbite: ‘Album’ by The Sun Days

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There happens to be something a bit odd with the band for this week’s final Soundbite review: They sound just like The Sundays, an English band from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Coincidentally, these fellas are named The Sun Days, and their music is ‘80s-era-UK-sounding — is this accidental or on purpose? The young quintet, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, describe their music as indie-pop, but it is so much more. With lead singer Elsa Holmgren’s strong, high-pitched vocals and the band’s vintage, alternative sound, this The Sun Days’ sound is dreamy and unique. Their debut album, “Album,” just came out March 25, yet they already have over 118,000 listens on their Spotify page. The single they put out in February, “Don’t Need to Be Them,” has gotten over 200,000 plays in less than two months. For a band that has just begun, these are phenomenal numbers. With an album release in the U.S. and potentially college-chart-topping music, this band’s sunny days are about to get sunnier.

You can find “Album” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Perfect if you like: Mazzy Star and The Smiths

Favorite Tracks: “Fear,” “I Keep on Wondering” and “Ooo”

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