On the Bench: You don’t need football for school spirit

There is one age old question that almost every student has asked at least once in their time here at NSU: “Why don’t we have a football team?” Many students can’t imagine the college experience without spending the fall semester cheering on their football team as they take on a rival school. And many new students buy into the misconception that NSU doesn’t have any school spirit because of our lack of a football team. But what most new students at NSU don’t realize is that we don’t need a football team to have school spirit, because school spirit isn’t solely drawn from tailgating and touchdowns.

Ask any student what they like least about NSU, and they’ll probably reply, “The lack of school spirit.” Yes, we may not have the most school spirit out there, but getting a football team isn’t the only solution. There are plenty of other ways for NSU students to get involved on campus and show their school spirit.

There has never been a better time to be a Shark. Between a Division II Championship baseball team and several nationally ranked teams, there is more than enough reason for students to be excited. We don’t need another sports team to rally fans and students alike, we just need our student body to get involved in what we already have on campus. There’s no point in adding another team when some students are already reluctant to support our already great athletic teams.

However, many students that complain about our lack of spirit haven’t seen how much fun their peers are already having at NSU’s sporting events. From fans doing the wave at basketball games to fans covered head to toe in body paint at a baseball doubleheader, there are plenty of examples of students showing just how much they love NSU. Students just have to leave their dorm rooms once in a while to see it. Catch one of NSU’s dozens of games this fall and see for yourself just how much spirit NSU fans already have.

The idea of school spirit shouldn’t just stop at athletics either. We may not have huge pep rallies or a bonfire the night before a big game, like most other schools with championship football teams, but we do have a number of other great events around campus that should bring students together and instill a sense of pride into every Shark. From karaoke nights to dance parties in the arena, and everything in between, there are endless ways to get involved,meet other students, support clubs and organizations and have a ton of fun.

Between athletics and engaging events, NSU has given students more than enough to be proud of and excited about. School spirit comes from involvement so drop your books, close your laptop and skip out on the library for one night to take advantage of all of the engaging events and activities that NSU has to offer. We may not have the most school spirit yet, but football team or not, we’ll get there together, one “Fins Up” at a time.

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