Halloween for adults

Halloween was once about dressing up and walking door-to-door to get candy from strangers. But as college adults, trick-or-treating is sometimes frowned upon, so what can you do to celebrate Halloween?

Here are some suggestions for those wanting to get in the spooky spirit as an adult.

Pumpkin carving party

Hosting a pumpkin carving party gives you and your friends something fun and creative to do for Halloween. You can stray from the traditional path of carving and gather old arts and crafts supplies as to decorate the pumpkin with as well. Get creative and challenge your friends to a friendly pumpkin-decorating competition.


 Decorating for Halloween may be half the fun of celebrating it. Bring your friends and family together and adorn your houses and work spaces with spider webs and jack-o-lanterns. Create a dark and eerie atmosphere or go for a cozier autumn vibe, and show your neighbors and coworkers how prepared you are for the spooky season.

Pass out candy

You may not be able to go house-to-house yourself, but you can still enjoy reminiscing about the good ole days as you pass out treats to the costumed kids in your neighborhood. Buy the best treats, like name-brand chocolate, and prove your house is the superior one on the block.

Costume Party

Nothing screams Halloween like costumes, so what could be better than a costume party? Throw or go to an awesome Halloween party decked out in your best costume. Enjoy the creepy music and killer apple cider.

Escape room

Are you up for a challenge this Halloween? Lockbox Escape Room is a company located in Davie that creates unique rooms with challenges and puzzles you must solve in order to escape the room. This is a great way to challenge yourself and compete with your friends for the fastest time and highest score. The price is $29 per person per room, but NSU students will receive a 20 percent discount. For more information or to schedule a time, visit lockboxescaperoom.com or call 954-533-2933.

Movie marathon

For some, Halloween cannot be complete without a movie marathon. Gather your friends, lay out some blankets, pop some popcorn and kick back with your favorite flicks. Decide whether or not you want to brave all horror movies, enjoy lighthearted classics or a combination of the two.

Make your own treats

 You may have seen the Pinterest witch finger and mummy cupcakes, so why not make some yourself? Websites like Pinterest and Delish provide creepy and creative ideas to make tasty Halloween treats. You can go for simpler ideas, such as banana ghosts, or really test your baking abilities and make the ultimate edible appendages.

Scary stories

 Break out the Edgar Allen Poe poems and dim the lights to set the mood. Have you and your friends take turns telling the scariest horror stories you know or read old classics like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Place the flashlight under your chin and prepare to tell bone-chilling tales.

If you are bummed that the transition to adulthood is spoiling your trick-or-treating, never fear. There are still ghoulishly fun activities for an exciting, spooky Halloween.

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