Shark Speak: How do you feel about parking on campus?

Vanessa Jones, sophomore comparative law major and residential student

“I think that there needs to be more parking availability, especially around the residence halls if there’s going to be a surplus of undergraduates coming in.”

Mark Ibrahim, graduate law student and commuter student

“I guess it depends. If you come to school early in the morning, it’s not too bad, but then at one point if you were to leave during the afternoon, like lunchtime, and try to come back and get a parking spot, forget about it. You’re not going to be able to do it. But, generally, I haven’t had a problem with parking so far.”

Simona Zigmond, junior biology major and commuter student

“It’s getting really packed. I spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot today in the UC parking lot. That’s really unnecessary, and they really need to build more parking spots. There’s parking spots, but they’re only for teachers. There’s not even that many teachers.”

Justina Joseph, junior biology major and residential student

“I think parking is pretty fine here. We don’t really have an issue, except at [the Health Professions Division]. It’s such a struggle to park there, especially during the busy times.”

Emily Mehlhop, sophomore environmental science major and commuter

“As a commuter, I think the parking garage is great, but I’m also an athlete, and the parking over by the athletic facility is not great. When there’s events, it gets really crowded and everybody just parks all in it, and it makes it really hard to get out and you nearly get hit every time.”

AJ Carbajales, freshman engineering major and commuter student

“I think it’s not too bad, but there’s some days when the entire front of the parking lot is packed and then I can’t get close enough, and it’s just kind of annoying having to walk all the way to the back.”

Emily Edwards, freshman nursing major and residential student

“I think that we should have more parking because some people are parking in the no-parking zones, so I just think they should add some more parking.”

Genesis Perez, freshman arts administration major and residential student

“You leave campus and someone takes your spot automatically, so there’s never parking when you get back or you have to go park in the far back of the campus, and it’s just really difficult to find parking if you leave campus.”

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