Religious clubs at NSU

College has a tendency to be associated with independence. Suddenly, after years of living under your parents’ household, you are finally striking out on your own. It can be a fantastic way to find your passions and beliefs. It can also be a great way to discover and define your religious beliefs.

For some, this could mean starting to identify with a religion that is completely different from the one you were brought into. For others, it could mean figuring out the specifics of a belief system you are already familiar with.

Miriam Zelden, from NSU’s Hillel, and Alonzo Williams, from NSU’s Everynation Campus Ministries, said that religion is all about self-discovery.

Listed below are some NSU organizations, listed alphabetically, and descriptions based on their Orgsync pages that may help you undertake this journey:


An NSU Christian movement that strives to ignite a passion for Jesus Christ. It is open to anyone and offers weekly Bible studies. For more information, contact Amy Anfinrud at

Everynation Campus Ministries

A non-denominational Christian organization with acceptance towards all people from every creed, faith and ethnicity. They focus on small groups and cater to specific goals and challenges a student may face in their lives, discussing how students can overcome. This organization is open to anyone and meets weekly. For more information, contact Alonzo Williams at


A Jewish organization that seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish college students. For more information, contact

International Muslim Association at NSU

An organization that seeks to raise awareness and knowledge of Islam at NSU. They are open to anyone and meet every other week. For more information, contact Sara Samla at

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

An organization that aims to educate interested students about their Orthodox heritage and create an Orthodox Christian community on campus. For more information, contact Antony George at may want to explore your religious beliefs after striking it out on your own in college. Religion can be about finding and accepting yourself, and can become an important part of who you are.

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