Literary magazine submissions close Dec. 2

With “Digressions,” NSU’s student literary magazine, students can digress to express. Submissions, which are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, close on Dec. 2.

“Digressions” publishes original poetry, short stories, creative essays and visual art like drawings, paintings and photography. Students can submit a maximum of 10 poems, 10 pieces of visual art and three short stories no longer than 1,500 words.

The review process for the magazine is anonymous, and students who submit will find out whether their piece was selected for publication by the end of February. The magazine will be officially published at a launch party during the spring semester.

Nicole Chavannes, editor-in-chief of “Digressions” and senior English major, got involved with the magazine her sophomore year. She said after a period of not writing during high school, she felt incredibly inspired by the magazine and wanted to be a part of it. Chavannes’ poetry and fiction was published in the last issue of “Digressions.”

“I’m really inspired by what my peers are capable of creating,” she said. “For people like me, who are creative and artistic and maybe sensitive…it really helped shape what I’m doing here at NSU. I want people to share a part of themselves.”

Molly Scanlon, faculty advisor for “Digressions” and assistant professor in the Department of Writing and Communication, said that it’s essential for students to have several creative outlets to express themselves in college.

“[The magazine] is one of the more creative [outlets], and I think it’s essential that it’s writing and artwork,” she said. “They end up complementing each other within the magazine itself.”

Scanlon said that college is an important space for students because they’re figuring out who they are and what they believe, and where they want to belong.

“Creative writing and visual artwork is a way for students to try on different ideas about the joys and challenges of what it means to be human,” Scanlon said.

Scanlon said that since last year the staff received a lot of poetry submissions, this year she hopes that students submit more fiction and creative personal essays. Scanlon also said that students should steer clear of political material. Chavannes said that this year, she hopes to see a variety of submissions from a variety of majors.

Undergraduate students who receive a staff or faculty award will be recognized at the 2017 Undergraduate Student Symposium.

Chavannes said that it felt amazing to be published in “Digressions.”

“To know that it wasn’t based on bias at all, that it was based solely on my work and what I created and they thought it was worthy, felt incredible,” she said. “It still feels incredible.”

To submit a piece, visit To read last year’s edition of Digressions, visit For more information, email

Photo 1 caption: “Digressions” is a collection of literature and artwork created and published by NSU students.

Photo 1 credit: G. Ducanis

Photo 2 caption: Student artwork from “Digressions” on display at last year’s magazine launch party.

Photo 2 credit: N. Chavannes

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