Staff picks: Favorite Christmas holiday movies

The lack of cold weather doesn’t deter The Current staff from snuggling up with some holiday flicks. Here are some of our favorites.

Rachael Hirstein, news editor, said “The Polar Express,” 2004.

My favorite holiday movie is “The Polar Express.” This movie is so full of Christmas spirit and magic, and I remember watching it all the time as a kid. It was the first book I was ever assigned to read at school, and when the movie was produced, I was ecstatic. I still remember hoping every December that I would get invited onto the train on Christmas Eve. “The Polar Express” really gets me in the holiday spirit and I make sure to watch it every year.

Grace Ducanis, copy editor, said “White Christmas,” 1954.

Nothing says holiday spirit like the story of two army buddies and two sisters who team up to bring some Christmas cheer to an old army general during an unexpectedly warm snow-less December in Vermont. Featuring Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen, this 1954 cinematic musical extravaganza is full of Old Hollywood charm. With songs like the titular “White Christmas,” hilarious numbers like “Sisters,” large feel-good chorus performances like “I’d Rather See a Minstrel Show/Mister Bones/Mandy” and the rousing “The Old Man,” this film dazzles the eyes and tugs on the heartstrings.

Jenna Kopec, features editor, said “Miracle on 34th Street,” 1947 and 1994.

Grace stole my answer, so I’m going to go with “Miracle on 34th Street.” I like feel-good films in general, but the way Kris Kringle changes the life of Doris and Susan Walker is truly unforgettable. The movie starts off with two people who don’t believe in holiday spirit or Santa Claus, which is particularly heartbreaking in little Susan Walker, but ends with a whole lot of heartwarming feelings. What’s great about this movie is the story line, which is portrayed beautifully in both the 1947 Natalie Wood original and the 1994 Mara Wilson remake.

Jacqueline Lytle, co-editor-in-chief, said “The Santa Clause,” 1994.

When I think of holiday movies, I think of Freeform’s, formerly ABC’s, 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon. I love all Christmas movies, but I always look forward to “The Santa Clause.” With two subsequent films, the first will always remain the best. Tim Allen is thrown into the role of Santa, when he accidentally startles the former Santa and causesSanta, causing him to fall from the roof to his death. My favorite part is getting to see the North Pole. The elves and their workshop, the cozy castle and the warm hot chocolate will put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Aidan Rivas, visual design assistant, said “Elf,” 2003.

“Elf” is the classic Christmas film starring Will Ferrell. The movie is chock full of quotable comedy and wacky hijinks as an elf who doesn’t belong finds happiness in the Big Apple. The movie is a great watch in general, not just for the holidays, and my personal favorite Will Ferrell movie.

Steven Wang, opinions editor, said “Home Alone 3,” 1997.

I’m going to have to say “Home Alone 3.” Now don’t get me wrong, I liked the first two movies, and Macaulay Culkin was hilarious, but the third one’s film’s story and traps were just a bit more over- the- top and hilarious than the ones from the first two movies. You can’t beat the charm of the original wet bandits, but a group of imbecile terrorists that get toyed around by with by a nine-year-old is a riot in its own right. Four wanted criminals working for a North Korean terrorist versus one kid who seems to have way more technical knowledge than he’s supposed to is just the right amount of crazy for me to sit back and enjoy. I know the movie isn’t very popular with most of the fans of the series, but I found the shift refreshing and since it was one of the first “Home Alone” movies I watched, it has a special place in my heart.

Morgan Thorn, business manager, said “The Santa Clause,” 1994.

I absolutely love all things Christmas, so it’s hard picking just one favorite movie. I love all of “The Santa Clause” movies, and I remember watching all the movies with my family growing up, even making special trips to go see the new releases in theaters. Tim Allen plays Scott Allen, a man who accidentally kills Santa Claus and has to take his place. It never fails to make me laugh and get into the holiday spirit.

Ben Underhill, arts and entertainment editor, said “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” 1964.

This oldie is always a classic around the holidays. Narrated by Sam the Snowman, this 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon essential follows the misadventure of lovable Rudolph, a reindeer whose nose lights up bright red, and his friends Hermey, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and Yukon Cornelius, a prospector. Finding themselves in the company of the Abominable Snowman, misfit toys and even Santa Claus himself, the characters in this movie is are heartwarming and fun. Whenever I hear the tune of the Misfit Toys or the classic song “Silver & Gold,” it instantly brings back some pretty great childhood memories.

Danielle Pucillo, multimedia manager, said “Home Alone,” 1990.

My all-time favorite holiday film has to be “Home Alone.” We have a family tradition in the Pucillo household of ordering a cheese pizza and watching the movie the night before Christmas. It’s a great family-friendly movie that still has humor that adults will appreciate. On top of that, Joe Pesci’s performance is fantastic. It’s a classic 90s throwback that will be ever-present on our living room shelf, an ancient VHS tape that has been rewound again and again over many Christmases

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