Shark Speak: Is NSU effectively using your tuition money?


Ebunae Mcbean, freshman communication major

“Yes and no. Little things like the meal plan, for example. I don’t like the fact that at the end of the year if you have any leftover, you don’t get it back, even though it’s your money. It kind of just goes toward the school. Same with the printing. They give you $70 and you don’t get it back…that’s kind of like taking someone’s money and not giving it back. But other than that, yeah, I think some things could be improved, like the kitchens in the dorms and stuff like that. But other than that, I think it does well.”


Samantha Rodriguez, senior psychology major

“I believe for the most part they are, but I feel like for the amount of money that we pay there’s other things that could be improved, like the food options and maybe other things that we could use the money for. But for the most part I think they do a good job with it.”


Nik Sanders, freshman exercise science major

“Yeah, why not? My teachers do their jobs. I think [my money is being used effectively] because we’re building better buildings and stuff like that, and my teachers are here every day teaching us the right material so I’m learning in class. And we’re building new facilities.”


Sileshini Kodali, first-year public health student

“To be honest, I don’t know how the money is being used, but with all of this equipment and everything, I think it’s really useful that they have so many research projects and everything that’s going on. So yeah, they are using it in the right way for everything.”


Roshan Geroge, sophomore biology major

“Yeah, I mean, based on my major, everything that I need for lab materials and everything like that is working out great. The only thing I’m upset about is probably the food court. Pizza Loft has always been the same and we don’t really have any franchises so that kind of sucks, but other than that…if there’s one thing I would say that needs improvement it’s probably our food.”


Arykah Malave, senior biology major

“Yeah, I guess I would say so…in an educational sense I do. They’re challenging courses. I actually have to work for my grades, whereas in other colleges that I’ve been to it…wasn’t challenging.”

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