Shark Speak: How do you feel about the NSU email change?

Question: How do you feel about the NSU email change?

 Dominique Balsamo

Dominque Balsamo, junior finance major

“I’m not really a fan of it. I just feel like it’s a lot for no reason. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Curtisha Demarco

Curtisha Demarco, senior biology major

“I don’t like it… I’ve been here for four years. I like I don’t like change, and it’s not fair that because they can’t separate students’ emails from professors’ emails, and they can’t monitor the students that graduate… That’s not my problem. They need to work on that, but they shouldn’t change the email.”

Janelle Johnson

Janelle Johnson, junior business major

“[The new email is] too long. I would have to change everything.”

Jonathan Frank

Jonathan Frank, sophomore biology major

“I think that’s a good idea just because it will distinguish between the two… and keep it more organized.”

Esha Parikh

Esha Parikh, freshman behavioral neuroscience major

“Since I know a lot about it, I do understand where [administration] is coming from, and at the same time, I do know that they’re not going to change about it. So I was really upset about it at first and angry, but… they did want to work with us, like student government, to try to figure out the best way to implement it and have as little confusion, little issues as possible… They made the grace period a lot longer now, which forwards emails to a new account. They’re also going to set up a system so that if someone emails my old account, they’ll send them an email back that says ‘Oh, this doesn’t work, but have you tried this email?’ So they are doing a lot to try and help us. It is frustrating, but they have a good reason. It is for the safety of our school… It’s annoying, but they aren’t going to change, so you might as well get on board with it and tell as many people as possible.”

Ezana Assefa

Ezana Assefa, senior behavioral neuroscience and biology major

“At first, I was annoyed just because of the hassles that I know would have come with it. I figured it was just for better user-friendliness and stuff, so I figured it was going to be a good change. I mean all we’re doing is pretty much adding another part to our existing email in order for it to work a lot better.”

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