Crazy roads on campus are driving me crazy

By: Brittany Eyres

If you are a commuter student, or even a residential student with a car, then you’ve definitely driven on the temporary road across from the Farquhar, Founders and Vettle apartments on campus. Now, it has been torn up and remade into a roundabout. I don’t know what’s worse: the roundabout or the twisty, temporary road before it.

NSU needs to speed up construction because these roads are kooky and cause major headaches.

If you were on campus last year, you know that where the new roundabout is, there used to be a three-way stop. It was easy and headache-free. You would stop at the sign, then continue on your way. Now, you approach the small roundabout and struggle. People do not seem to understand the concept of a roundabout. In most states, there are two types of roundabouts: oncoming traffic either yield to cars in the circle or the cars in the circle yield to oncoming traffic. The one on campus is where oncoming traffic yield to the cars in the circle. To clarify, if there is a car in the circle, they have the right-of-way. Therefore, do not make me slam on my brakes so you can enter the circle. That’s not how it works.

There are positives that come from the development of a roundabout. According to a study done by, roundabouts cause fewer accidents and fatalities. They also reduce emissions from vehicles. What the blog fails to mention, though, is how nonsensical people become when they approach such an invention. We already have a major roundabout on campus, in front of Horvitz. I constantly have to slam on my brakes in that circle when people decide the yield sign does not apply to them.

With the construction also comes that beautiful, brand new, wavy circus of a road along the back of where the new dorms will be. Who designs something like that? If you want to get annoyed really easily, just take a drive on that road. Between the idiotic curves and the pothole covers that could take out your tire, you are sure to be annoyed. And if you don’t take that road at the posted 25 mph, you have a great chance of flipping your car or sliding into the other lane. This road is sure to cause accidents. It’s  just a matter of time.

So, NSU, speed up the construction because it truly is a headache for students and faculty. At least the landscaping looks good; I’ll give you that.


Caption: Roads near the dorms are currently under construction.

Credit: B. Eyres

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