“Shape Your Future” at career development expo

By Melissa Boneta

The Office of Career Development will be hosting a career and internship expo called “Shape Your Future” on April 6 from 4:30-7 p.m. in the Rick Case Arena. There will be full-time, part-time and internship opportunities available for all current students and alumni.

The expo is held biannually as a way for students to put their feet in the doors of their field. Over 60 companies and organizations will be present at this year’s expo, and students will be able to meet the employers of those organizations and network.

Emilio Lorenzo, assistant director for career advisement, said this is an opportunity for students to come out and be proactive with their careers. He said he encourages everyone to be more aware of these chances to put themselves out there and make valuable connections.

“This is the one day we invite a whole list of employers from different industries, from finance to business to healthcare, biology, psychology, nonprofits all looking to hire students,” he said. “They are there to promote their organization.”

Lorenzo said that by making yourself memorable, you leave a paved road for better opportunities in the future.

“This recruiter representing the company you want to work for is going to be at the career fair looking for great people to bring back to their boss… That person can speak on your behalf. So build a relationship with them and ask them a lot of questions, and they’re going to write some notes on their resume so that when they get back to their hiring manager and ask, ‘Did anyone stand out to you?’ they’ll reference you specifically,” said Lorenzo.

Niemah Butler, assistant director of employer relations and internships, said the expo is an opportunity to look for internships.

“Even though some may say ‘I’m only a freshman,’ we want students not to wait until their senior year or the semester they’re going to graduate,” she explained. “We’re always excited to provide opportunities for our students, across all areas of the board.”

For more info on the expo, contact Career Development at 954-262-7201.

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