Soundbite: “More Life” by Drake

By Celina Mahabir

Whether you’ve kept up with mainstream music or not, the name Drake should be no stranger to you. The Toronto-born actor-turned-rapper has taken home three Grammys thus far, continuing to deliver since his debut in 2009. His latest release, “More Life,” dropped on March 18, featuring 22 tracks that Drake described during his interview with Complex as a “playlist that will become the soundtrack to your life.” It is considered a playlist as this release is meant to act as a means to fill the gap during more intensive production for his next album.

The playlist completely contrasts the high-energy album “Views,” showing signs that Drake returned to his original style that can be found on older albums such as “Thank Me Later” and “Take Care.” In October, Drake released “Fake Love” as the title track to promote the playlist and was greeted with positive reception from fans and new listeners alike. Other songs on the album that boast a similar, mellow R&B vibe are “Do Not Disturb,” “Teenage Fever,” “Lose You” and “4422”.

Following hits like “One Dance” and “Controlla,” Drake remains in touch with his Caribbean influences. The beats behind “Passionfruit,” “Blem,” “Madiba Riddim” and “Get It Together” make it almost impossible to sit still. Drake’s ability to sing and rap shines on these tracks and puts him out there as an unconventional rapper. The remaining tracks are not less amazing, but they revert to Drake’s older style of rapping over smoother, less energetic instrumental sounds.

“More Life” also features a variety of incredible samples, such as Jennifer Lopez’s “If You Had My Love,” Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long,” R. Kelly’s “Clipped Wings,” Ginuwine’s “Pony” and even snippets from older Drake albums. The samples have been distorted and edited in a way that fits Drake’s personal style without losing the original beauty of them.

In terms of the lyrics, every single song addresses anything and everything in a relatable way. Be it relationships, an ex-relationship, life goals, enemies, trust, you name it – you’re bound to find a personal connection with at least one of the songs, if not all. The tracks are perfect for late-night drives due to their relaxed, easygoing instrumentals. Drake has received more praise than criticism for the diversity he communicates through “More Life,” from club bangers with Caribbean beats to thought-provoking R&B hits. As someone who has been a fan of Drake ever since his debut, “More Life” is a success that has definitely given me more life.


Caption: Drake showcases his diversity on “More Life.”

Credit: G. Ducanis

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