Four people killed in Stockholm terror attack

According to the Evening Standard, two Swedish citizens, as well as a Belgian and British citizen, were killed when a truck was driven into pedestrians in a department store in Stockholm, Sweden. Four people were killed and 10, including a child, remain hospitalized, as of April 9. Police revealed that the suspected terrorist is a 39-year old refugee from Uzbekistan who had his application rejected. He had a history of being sympathetic to extremist groups and has been sought out by the authorities for deportation. Swedish borders are now under tighter wraps, as per the request of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven who called the incident a terrorist attack.

ISIS takes responsibility for Egypt’s Palm Sunday church bombings

According to CNN, there was an ISIS terror bombing at two Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, April 9, killing 36 people. The terror group’s media outlet Amaq said they sent a “security detachment” to carry out the attacks on the churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria. The first bomb was planted under a seat in the main prayer hall of a church in Tanta, killing 25 people and leaving 60 others wounded. The second attack in Alexandria was a suicide bomb attack, killing 11 and leaving 35 others wounded. The head of Egypt’s Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II, was inside the church when the blast occurred but was not injured.

Venezuelans hold anti-Maduro protests

Thousands of Venezuelan citizens poured into the streets of Caracas for five days to protest the presidency of Nicolas Maduro. According to CNN, the protests were triggered by the Supreme Court’s decision to rule that all powers under the legislative body be transferred to the court itself, leaving Venezuela under a dictatorship because all three branches of government would be in socialist hands. The ruling was repealed afterwards due to the resentment from the people, but protests are going at a continuous rate due to the government’s decision to ban popular opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, from doing political work. Capriles said, “This is repression. This is a crime. They’re committing crimes and violating human rights by stepping on the rights of people. The government has staged a self-coup and what they’re now doing to me is part of it.”

Turkish flight crew delivers baby mid-flight

According to NBC News, the cabin crew on a Boeing 737 helped a woman give birth mid-flight to a baby girl named Kadiju. According to Turkish Airlines, the mother, who was 28 weeks pregnant, had complained of birthing pains while the plane cruised between the Guinean capital Conarky and Ougadougosu in Burkina Faso. Both mother and daughter were in good health upon landing and promptly taken to the nearest hospital. The airline allows expectant mothers to fly up to the 28th week of pregnancy without a doctor’s report. After those 28 weeks, the woman must have a doctor’s note saying they are suitable for flight.

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