“Tremaine the Album” is strong and soulful

The Grammy-nominated R&B artist Trey Songz, known for his smash hits “Bottoms Up” and “Slow Motion,” released his anticipated album, “Tremaine the Album,” on March 24. His soulful rendition of romantic melodies and lyrics is highlighted throughout the 15-track LP.

The prelude introduces the upcoming feature tracks and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track “Come Over” is one of the most appealing songs on the album. It is about a broken relationship he hopes to rekindle, repeating, “If you need me, all you have to do is call.” Another appealing track, “Nobody Else But You,” is about knowing that despite trials and tribulations, “I know you’re the only one for me.” This leads to his most lyrically intriguing track, “Playboy,” which emphasizes his desire to produce another grandchild for his mother, rather than have multiple partners.

The middle of the album is of the same nature but lacks the bravado of the previous tracks and tends to concentrate on his sexual experiences with women. The latter half of the album ends strong with the upbeat joint, “1X1,” and even though it showcases more sexual bravado, it’s a song that makes you bounce to the melodies. Closely followed is “Priceless,” a song that has one of the best hooks on the album, repeating that “you’re the one I cannot afford to lose.”

His only featured track with MIKExANGEL, “Games We Play,” is a synchronized harmonic song about the plethora of games we play during the infancy of relationships. The song emphasizes that “she will never keep it simple, I’m trying to figure out the riddle.” The album then concludes strong with “Break from Love,” which is one the best songs on the album. It reiterates the idea of not wanting to break from love especially “after all we been through.”

The melodies and beats stand on their own, and even though there is redundancy in his lyrics, the sexual and romantic nature of Trey Songz’s vocalist tone and lyrics is a relaxing catharsis appeal that emulates the potential compatibility between the relationships of our past, present and future.

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