Success Coach: Involved Shark spotlight

Being a member of a student organization or a part of a program on campus can provide you with a lot of things, like happiness, fulfillment, friends and success. As important as it is to be involved, it’s also important to recognize the accomplishments of students. See how involvement has affected these Sharks.

Emily Konicki

My name is Emily Konicki, and I am finishing my second year at NSU. I am involved in the Psychology Club as president and am a member of Razor’s Edge Leadership. I also work in the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement office as a student staff member that helps plan the community service events. I like meeting new students on campus and helping them find a home in the organizations at NSU. I also love being able to have an impact on everyone’s lives, just like my mentors have had on me. They really encouraged me to find something I love to do and stick with it, so here I am. I have definitely gained time management skills because you need to have a good balance between your involvements and school, along with being able to keep on top of everything else, like sleeping and socializing with friends. 

Yabi Demissie

My name is Yabi Demissie, and I’m currently finishing up my second and last semester in the College Student Affairs Graduate Program at NSU. I am currently the Graduate Assistant for Student Programming in the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. I advise the Student Events and Activities Board. I also hold the position as the Transitions Chair for the College Student Affairs Association. I have grown a passion for making an impact on my students the same way that my mentors made on me. I interact with so many different students and professionals, which has really helped me build my network circle and relationships that I plan on keeping when I leave NSU.

Samir Nacer

My name is Samir Nacer and I am currently finishing  my second year at NSU. My biggest take away from being involved at the university is how I have strengthened my relationships with my colleagues and professors. For instance, with tense political and international themes becoming such a prevalent matter in our world today, the Model United Nations Program has continuously exposed me to cultures and customs from around the globe to better understand people from all walks of life. I’ve also become a Founding Father of a premiere leadership fraternity on campus, Phi Delta Theta, which is an honor due to the core ideals in which the organization was founded on. The Honors College at NSU has permitted me to begin the creation of my honors proposal and future thesis for the university.
Now that you’ve heard their amazing stories, what will yours be?

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