Staff Picks: Get to know our staff

We may be a little biased, but we think our staff is the best. Take the time to learn a little more about our work family that brings you a hot-off-the-press issue of The Current every Tuesday morning.

Jenna Kopec

Jenna Kopec

Jenna is a junior communication major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in gender studies. She is the co-editor-in-chief at The Current. Her favorite drink is a black cup of coffee with honey lavender tea coming in at a close second. When she isn’t enjoying warm beverages, she’s probably watching “The Office” or forcing her friends to accompany her to a new local restaurant.

Michaela Greer

Michaela Greer

Michaela is a senior double majoring in visual art and communication studies with a minor in writing. She joins The Current team as the co-editor-in-chief, and pairs with Jenna as her #partnerinjournalism. Wow, you’re still reading? Okay, well she moves every three years on average, has an embarrassingly large collection of mugs (nerd – we’ll say it for you) and uses Post-Its with quotes scribbled on them like wallpaper.

Nicole Chavannes Photo

Nicole Chavannes

Nicole is a senior majoring in English and minoring in writing. She is the copy editor of The Current and editor-in-chief of Digressions: The Literary Magazine. Her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, her patronus is a black swan and her wand is made of elm wood with a dragon heartstring core, according to Pottermore. When she isn’t taking Harry Potter-themed personality quizzes, Nicole enjoys reading fantasy novels and binge-watching TV shows.


Jeweliana Register

Jeweliana is a senior communication major with a passion for journalism, public relations and social media. Jeweliana serves as the arts and entertainment editor at The Current and is interning for the Department of Writing and Communication for the fall semester. Most of her time is spent writing, but she loves to find new ways to utilize her creativity. You can usually find her catching up with friends over iced coffee, looking at cute dogs on Instagram or planning her next adventure.

Gabby Thompson

Gabrielle Thompson

Gabrielle is a junior communication major and marketing minor, and is very proud to be this year’s features editor for The Current. She is also the Vice President of Programming for her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. When she’s not on campus, you can probably find Gabby re-reading a Jane Austen book, attending concerts or obsessing over dogs.

Danielle Pucillo Photo

Danielle Pucillo

Danielle is a business administration major with a minor in communication. She is the multimedia manager for The Current, which means that she handles the social media platforms for the paper as well as any digital content the staff produces. Danielle is also a wildlife photographer and practices strength training in her spare time. She is interested in several areas of business, including project management and business ethics.

Carli Lutz


Carli Lutz

Carli is the chief of visual design at The Current aka the Design Queen. She is a senior graphic design major with an obsession with fonts and color. Something kind of rad about her is that she is lowkey internet famous for her vector art of electronic music producers and has gained a following online from her cool art. She also really likes chicken nuggets and corgis make her cry like a baby.

Fio Marquez

Fiorella Marquez

Fiorella is a graduate student in the Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program and is serving as the business manager at The Current. Due to her passion to help others, she chose to pursue a career that solely helps others with their struggles. In her free time, Fiorella likes to give back to the community, sing, color and spend quality time with her loved ones. Fiorella is a huge advocate for human rights and proudly considers herself a feminist. You can probably find Fiorella humming “Beauty and the Beast” songs and learning about what makes other people happy.

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